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Sohail Rajput (UK)

After completing my high school, I was very confused which field to select and whether it should be in Pakistan or abroad. Fortunately, one of my cousin recommended Study Abroad Pakistan and they counselled me in best possible manner. Their consultants could have easily engaged me to apply in any foreign country but instead they motivated me to graduate from local reputable institute and then look for master’s in an international university. Looking at my friends who are badly struggling in foreign countries and well behind me in studies, I am satisfied to act upon advice given by Study Abroad Pakistan. After graduation, I will definitely seek their services for study abroad in an English speaking country.


Sarmad Bantwa (Germany)

At first when I heard Study Abroad Pakistan is an education consultancy providing free of cost services, I did not believe. However, in search of good study abroad consultant decided to pay a visit and no doubt they deliver what they promise. Consultants at Study Abroad Pakistan explained the pros and cons of each country honestly so as to make me understand which destination will suit best. After their guidance when I researched at home, I finally decided Germany will work best for me and it has over the past 4 months. Though I faced some issues, but tips provided by Study Abroad Pakistan helped me in great deal to get less costly accommodation.


Vincent Paul (Australia)

It was always my dream to settle in an English speaking country and Study Abroad Pakistan helped me achieve it using their contacts in Australia. I got admission in Griffin College of Brisbane for higher studies at a very nominal IELTS Band of 5.5. Just wish, I had come across Study Abroad Pakistan 2 years earlier, would have saved large sum of my savings which I wasted paying to consultants for nothing.


Mohsin Ali (USA)

I will recommend to all those students seeking foreign visa and have been misguided or ripped off by consultants to contact Study Abroad Pakistan. They not only provide free of cost study abroad consultancy but also advise according to scenario of each student. Because of guidance provided by Study Abroad Pakistan I was able to get my B.Com degree recognized from University of Minnesota due to which few courses were exempted.


M. Irfan (Canada)

Study Abroad Pakistan claim they are the best consultant and they proved it from every aspect of their services. My admission was rejected twice by Simon Fraser University and I was totally unaware what the actual cause was. Consultants at Study Abroad Pakistan identified the discrepancies and explained me how to remove them and make a solid case guaranteed to secure admission and visa. Now I am even in better university i.e. University of Alberta and completing by Master Program successfully.

We Offer Study Abroad Pakistan to Our Best Local Talent for International Education Exposure

Pakistan is home of diversified skills and talent serving not only nationwide but across the globe. Institutions around the world acknowledge this fact and recruit our youngsters at various levels, most commonly for higher education studies. Every year, approximately 10,000 students migrate from Pakistan to study abroad in best universities internationally. Later they are employed by global brands on the basis of their rare potential. However, representation of our country can increase multiple times globally through visionary study abroad consultancy.
Study Abroad Pakistan is the best international education consultant in Karachi, Pakistan as we focus on long term career success of students and not just academics. Our aim as study abroad consultant is to find a university for our clients that adds significant value in knowledge and expertise of student, as well as located in country that has ample job opportunities in respective domain. One lacking among educational consulting services of Karachi, Pakistan that urged us to become a study abroad was lack of focus over career based study consultancy. Probably this is due to the fact that they are not international education consultants as found by us through extensive market research and have one or two colleges on their panel.

International Studies Abroad Requires Proactive Approach

We as education consultant providing study abroad services are aware of the fact that science and technology has introduced numerous new and emerging fields. At the same time, specializations of past have now been segmented into various intensive fields due to new discoveries and inventions. Therefore, we are very well aware of the fact that past practices for study abroad services can no longer be adopted by education consultants. Study Abroad Pakistan is continuously working with top ranked universities for international students at various levels who update us on current and upcoming programs with curriculum and future potential. We are certified study consultant in Karachi, Pakistan of international universities since we guide students on the basis of information provided by these institutes.

What Top Ranking Universities have to Say About Us as Education Consultant Karachi, Pakistan?

Our portfolio of authorized agents as international education consultant Karachi, Pakistan is enhancing and we are getting recognition across different regions & countries. According to a survey conducted by us to assess our capabilities as study abroad consultant several best universities in Australia, Canada, Germany and Malaysia termed us ‘responsible’ and ‘honest’. Reason is the fact that as education consultant or study abroad consultant we tend to provide 100% accurate information portraying the true ground realities in terms of study, part time work, accommodation, transport, culture, permanent residence, etc. All this information is shared with students in context with the program, university & city/country they select since no one destination can be suitable for all our clients. Therefore, under being a true international education consultant in Karachi, Pakistan we tend to offer various options to each of our client.

Study Abroad Karachi, Pakistan is Incredible, because it’s also 100% FREE

As education consulting service we are well aware of the fact that studying abroad means affording loads of expense since top ranking universities charge heavy fees. Not only academic expenses are an issue, but accommodation around such campuses is also costly. In such a scenario, charging from students who want to study abroad is like taking undue advantage of their dreams. We are not first online study abroad consultant in Pakistan but also the only education consultant providing 100% free of cost services. We are well aware of the fact that several international education consultants in Karachi, Pakistan are charging thousands of Rupees even ask for certain ratio in advance and only after than students are consulted. On top of that, such consultants do not even guarantee anything in terms of admission or visa. We feel this is unjustified as students should not be charged for anything during the entire process even when they are granted admission and visa of respective university and country.

One Brand as Study Abroad Consultants Karachi, Pakistan that Understands Needs of Every Student

Study Abroad Pakistan is well aware of the fact that not every student looking for qualified study consultant has the resources to apply for admission in top ranking universities. Since, these best universities for study abroad offer highly expensive degree programs therefore not every student can afford their services. Therefore, being a study consultant, Karachi Pakistan we have the responsibility to provide best possible options to our clients in the form of affordable universities in study abroad. For this reason, we have a pool of universities in developed countries offering degree programs which can be managed financially by students working on part time basis. Affordable tuition fees do not infer low standard of education in these study abroad top ranking universities rather quality of tuition is quite high. Also they maintain extremely conducive environment to learn and adopt skills and knowledge according to today’s requirement.

Customer Centric Study Abroad Services Karachi, Pakistan

International exposure at any level; be as student or work professional is valuable for career growth. We brand ourselves as specialist study abroad consultant Karachi, Pakistan because all our services have been designed keeping in view the long term needs of clients. Most importantly we do not consider only students who want to study abroad in international university as our customer. Rather their parents / guardians and siblings are also our customers since their beloved family member is going abroad for studies. We address all their concerns regarding safety, accommodation, standard of living, etc. to ensure they are satisfied before sending the loved one to study abroad. You can visit our study abroad services page to know how we serve customer as being one or our own to satisfy them and their family members.

High Success Ratio as Overseas Higher Education Consultant Karachi, Pakistan for Studying in Top Ranking Universities

One more reason we claim ourselves as the best study abroad consultant Karachi, Pakistan is the high rate of success in admissions and visa approval. Due to our strong ties and long term association with foreign universities in Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, USA, Malaysia we have maintained 99% success ratio. Best universities for study abroad who have authorized us as our specialist study abroad consultant Karachi, Pakistan provide us the profile of students they want for every program. On the basis of that specifications, we assess our customers and potential candidates fulfilling the criteria are made to apply for admission. Profiles provided by universities are home ministry approved which helps in securing the visa as well after admission. We as certified study abroad consultant consider ourselves as a bridge between the university and student who wants to get international exposure by fulfilling the specifications of both parties.

Abroad Education Consultancy Practices are Changing for the Better

Technology has revolutionized the business practices especially because of internet information exchange has become extremely easily. Customers want more information now than in past and we have always acknowledged their expectations. Study Abroad Pakistan has developed first database of the country of international universities & colleges providing detail information about their degree programs of various fields. This makes us the first online study abroad consultant Karachi, Pakistan not serving a specific geography or city but the entire nation. We are gradually moving towards 100% online services and as study abroad consultant will serve clients using online modes of communication. This technology adoption will help pace our services so that admission and visa approval procedure which take normally 8 weeks can be reduced as much as possible. Online study abroad services will help increase representation of Pakistan among international students in various countries. Our aim is to increase foreign admissions in top ranking universities by 15% every year from Pakistan.
Study Abroad Pakistan is ambitious and waiting for you so that we can together explore opportunities for international studies abroad. There are numerous options and increasing due to introduction of various fields of study which one can work best for you can be figured out with our specialist study abroad consultants Karachi, Pakistan.